Sunday, October 19, 2014

Traveler's Song

Traveler's Song…poetry with paint…presented quite a challenge! I decided I wanted an Autumn piece with Snow Geese. My first step after figuring out where to put the geese was to mask the birds and trees with masking fluid and masking tape. Then I washed on watercolor paint and acrylic inks, tilted the paper to let everything flow, added texture with saran wrap, lace and whatever I could lay my hands on.
First wash of Traveler's Song with all the masking removed   

What next? How do I add while keeping the texture and spontaneity already present? I decided to add some blues in the water, add more leaves and more detail in the tree trunks. Nearly finished, I spent several days looking at the piece trying to figure out what little details would make the piece SING without going too far. The finished product is below.
Traveler's Song • mixed watermedia on Fabriano 140# paper • $600.00
Just feel yourself watching the Snow Geese winging their way. Smell the smells of Autumn and see the colors and the colored light!

Photos and text ©Melissa Gannon 2014

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