Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Color Crescendo

Yes! I HAVE been painting! This is my latest watercolor. I wanted to show the "aliveness" and "power" of trees in the Autumn juxtaposed against a quiet background on the left. I used a lot of Daniel Smith mineral paints so there is sparkle here and there in the foliage. Hope that you enjoy!

If you're interested in purchasing this piece click HERE.
"Color Crescendo" • Original watercolor on 140# 100% cotton Waterford paper • 15" x 11"

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Mt. Hood from Trilliam Lake

Sunday I went with my Mom up to Trilliam Lake and painted Mt. Hood. The sky was cloudy, the temperatures very moderate and it even rained a little. We found a little space off the path and sat and enjoyed the view. I did some thumbnails in my sketchbook. Using acrylic I put the drawing on the canvas, blocked in colors and refined my values. Then it was time for lunch! I finished the piece at home in the studio using some of the photos that I took for reference. Thanks to my Mom for driving and spending the day with me!
Mt. Hood from Trilliam Lake • 12" x 12" on 3/4" canvas, ready to hang
If you're interested in purchasing this piece click  HERE.