Sunday, July 24, 2016

Alpine View

Mom and I decided to go up to the mountains and look at wildflowers on Saturday. We went to Timberline Lodge and had a picnic and I brought my paints! It's a lovely place to paint, the air is clear, the breeze felt wonderful, the flowers really are blooming and Mt. Hood looks really great!!!!!
I'm including my sketches as well.
Here are my sketches.  I went with the one on the bottom. You can see my notes on the sides.
"Alpine View" • Original Acrylic on 1/2" wrap around stretched canvas, painting continues on sides, ready to hang 
11" x 14"
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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Iris Fantasy

This piece started out with putting watercolor paint directly from the tube onto the paper in several colors. I spritzed and floated the color around and let it dry. The cool thing about painting this way is the color is really strong and sometimes that's also the issue with painting this way, the color is REALLY strong! After it dried I figured out where I wanted the irises and painted around the flower shapes. I really like the strong oranges and I think the shapes worked out well.
"Iris Fantasy" • Original watercolor on 100% cotton paper • 15" x 11"
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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Bloom in the Water

This is inspired from sitting at the waterlily pond where I began to really appreciate the arrangement of waterlily leaves. I used a photo taken from the pond for the flower. I wanted to create a painting with really fresh color. I painted the flower shape with white gouache and let that dry. Then I floated lots of acrylic ink colors over the surface, I used a little texture and then let everything dry. When I washed off the gouache I had the basic flower shape. I finished with watercolor—adding color to the flower and creating the leaf shapes. I accomplished what I was aiming for—fresh spontaneous color and lovely shapes.
"Bloom in the Water" • Original mixed watermedia on 100% cotton watercolor paper • 7 1/2 x 11" • Sold