Thursday, December 18, 2014

Colors of the Riverbank

You wouldn't think that there's a lot of color here in the Northwest at this time of year, but there is!!!! The riverbanks are filled with reddish twigs and the deep green of evergreens, tans and yellows left over from earlier in the Fall. Although plants are dormant, buds are beginning to show on tree branches, a promise of the Spring to come. So here is my interpretation of a riverbank, inspired from the riverbanks where I live.
Colors of the Riverbank • Original acrylic • 12" x 12"
©Melissa Gannon 2014

Friday, December 12, 2014

A Glow in the Woods

Looking at my backyard, I see the remains of the flowers and greenery left from the summer. It's a little brown with some color of berries showing here and there. Well, all this can go into a painting!!!! I gathered leaves, flowers, ferns and stems and used them to create texture in my art. I got so carried away that I had boards all over my living room with the paint drying!!!!! It was AWESOME!
my backyard, gathered plant materials, what happens with plants worked into the first layer
A Glow in the Woods • Mixed watermedia on Arches 140# cold press paper

The above piece started out with a layer of watercolor paint and acrylic ink and lots of plants. After that dried, I added more paint and texture. It's a VERY richly textured piece. 

So, all those plants leftover from Summer can be a COOL addition to your art!!!!!!!!! HAVE FUN!!! 

Friday, December 5, 2014


Forests and woods in the Northwest fascinate me. There is SO MUCH foliage and it looks SO disorganized!!!!!! However, everything is situated for the best light! Hence, to nature, it is VERY organized!!! Using mixed watermedia, stamping and texturing, I made an attempt to artistically represent nature.
Tangles • Original mixed watermedia • 15" x 11" on 100% cotton watercolor paper • SOLD

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Public Art Show

I am currently exhibiting my work in Clackamas County at the Public Services Building-Entry Gallery from November 14, 2014 to Wednesday February 12, 2015.

The address is: 2051 Kaen Road, Oregon City, OR

Thank you to Arts Action Alliance for sponsoring this show and hanging my work BEAUTIFULLY!

Photos of my work at the Public Services Building-Entry Gallery

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Quiet Flow

This is a watercolor I've been working on for a couple of days. This is actually my 2nd version of the same piece. Sometimes paintings don't go quite the way you want them to the first time. I live reasonably close to Ridgefield Wildlife Refuge and I have many photos from this area. If you like birds, nature, and quiet, this is the place to go!!!!!! There is a one way road that takes you through marsh, forest, grassland and mixtures of all of the above. In the winter the swans hang out there as well as geese, ducks, hawks, eagles, herons, and all the little birds as well! Bring your camera and or binoculars and enjoy this cool place! The painting below is based on one of my photos from this area.
Quiet Flow • Original Watercolor  on Arches 140# cold press paper • 11" x 15" • Available—click here for price