Monday, October 6, 2014

Dynamic Change—painting process

Recently I've been combining watercolors and acrylic inks as well as black ink. Try putting that on your wet paper!!!!! Major BIG black spot!!! To this painting soup, I'm adding ox gall liquid as well as spattering gum arabic. Over all this wet paint I place saran wrap, lace, cheese cloth and whatever else I can come up with. Then comes the hardest part, letting the whole piece dry! If I'm patient enough to do this, when I remove all of the texture it's a lot like unwrapping a Christmas present!!!! WOW! Lots of color mixes and color flows! 

Next comes the hard part. How do I define what I want without losing all of that cool texture? So this process involves a lot more thought. Using acrylic inks which are opaque helps because the ink can cover but stay watery enough to blend in with the watercolor already in the piece. In this piece a lot of the blue in both the sky and water was added with acrylic ink. I thought it was too yellow and wanted to add color variety as well as set off the oranges and browns. The cool blue also really makes the yellow POP!

All content of post including photos of artwork ©Melissa Gannon 2014
Dynamic Change • mixed watermedia on Arches 300# paper • 22" x 30" • $600.00

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