Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Evolution of a Painting

Watercolor painting is exciting to me! Color moves, blends and swirls. Acrylic inks mixed into the beginning wash add color excitement. Adding Ox Gall Liquid to the paint increases granulation and Gum Arabic creates shiny areas where it's applied.

This piece began with a
reference sketch. To keep the whites of the tree trunks, I used masking tape and scattered masking tape pieces throughout the piece. To finish this piece with sparkle, I spattered white acrylic ink on top.

The Serenity of Change
Autumn brings changes of color, of temperature, of daylight and the air just crackles! This piece shows that change can be serene. Everything is as it's supposed to be.

All content of post including photos of artwork ©Melissa Gannon 2014

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