Thursday, January 12, 2017

Winter Snow!!!!

For everyone who is used to snow all winter, this post won't seem too interesting. Gladstone is the banana belt and for snow to stay more than a few hours is unusual! So in our latest winter event during which 4" to 6" of snow fell and then stayed, it has been a reason to take snow pictures!!!!!! It's truly AWESOME to walk among trees and bushes covered in snow, to hear the geese as they fly up the river, to look for new patterns and shapes, to see branches silhouetted against the sky covered with snow, and to see what the light is like whether cloudy or sunny. I have been privileged to go walking in the snow and enjoy and photograph—maybe for new paintings, maybe for future class projects, always for reference. (What does snow look like on a tree branch, anyway?) Below are a few of these photos. If you're in the middle of your own snow event, I hope that you are able to take time and look at what happens when millions of very tiny white snowflakes fall and stick and cover the earth. (I know it's really much nicer when you don't have to go anywhere!)

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