Thursday, February 22, 2018

A Magical Time

We've been having snow lately and I've been painting. Using a softer brush and more medium with my acrylics is creating some softer effects with the paint. This piece, A Magical Time, is based on some marsh photos that I took last spring which seemed too complicated to paint. You know, a photo looks great until you try to make it into a painting! These photos have some really great values so composing this piece worked out pretty smoothly. I added quite a bit of red to the greens in the background to set them in the distance. Glazing some lights over the water really add to the quality of the reflection and the grasses and weeds create a wonderful atmosphere.
"A Magical Time" • Original Acrylic on 3/4" wrap around canvas, painting continues on sides, ready to hang • 20" x 20"
If interested in purchasing this piece click HERE.

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