Thursday, October 19, 2017

Autumn Chickadees and Oak Leaves

After painting maple leaves with all of their pointy shapes and lovely colors I get a yen for a change of pace and paint oak leaves. Oak leaves have really awesome irregular shapes and lovely curves. They are sort of symmetrical and sort of not and I love how they attach to the branches and twigs. Their colors are more muted as they move into Autumn. So I've combined chickadees and oak leaves for fall color and a glimpse into the life of a bird.
These pieces are painted in watercolor on 100% cotton paper. Some of the paint is sparkly Daniel Smith paint which is a subtle sparkle. Daniel Smith makes a great color called Iridescent Ruby which if you haven't tried it is really fun to use.
"Oak Leaf Vista" • Original watercolor on 100% cotton paper • 7.5" x 5.5" 
To purchase click HERE.
"Autumn Two Step" • Original watercolor on 100% cotton paper • 7.5" x 5/5"
If interested in purchasing this piece click HERE.

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