Friday, September 15, 2017

View at Indian Beach

I took a trip to the beach and got to paint!!!!! We went to Indian Beach which is a great beach with lots of rocks off shore including one rock with a hole in it! We were there in the morning as the clouds were lifting. It was breezy with just a nip in the air...perfect painting weather!!!! To avoid getting sand in everything, I found a place on a big rock and went to work trying to 'paint the beach!'
Well, painting the beach is a lot harder than it looks!!!! I had been reading the newest edition of Plein Air Magazine and enjoying all the perfectly placed brush strokes of the artwork there and was all hyped up to go! Luckily I decided to start with a sketch. I really didn't like the first one but was pleased with the second sketch where I moved the rocks a bit. Trying to sort out what the ocean was doing was challenging. Every time I'd get a look at a great pattern it moved!!!!! Anyway, I'm pleased with this. I made a few changes when I got home, mostly in the background rocks to send them backward a bit and I painted the sides by continuing the image. I really like all the movement in the ocean.
Thanks to my Mom for coming as company!
The painting is below.
"View at Indian Beach" • Original acrylic on 3/4" wrap around canvas, painting continues on sides, ready to hang • 12" x 12"
If interested in purchasing this piece click HERE.

Below is the painting as it was when I left the beach. It looks different because it is and the light was a bit different there. You can see my sketch off to the side as well as my value scale.

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