Monday, March 13, 2017

Summer Conversation

I teach a lot of classes and use a lot of paper for my watercolor paintings. Some paintings don't quite make the cut and I've started recycling these by painting gesso, molding paste, fiber paste or absorbent ground over the old painting. This mostly covers the painting underneath. Then I can collage over that. When the collage is dry I paint with watercolor and finish with acrylic inks.If part of the piece still doesn't work I can always gesso or collage over it again. Watercolor over the collage is interesting because the papers absorb the paint differently. The textures of the gesso or absorbent ground show through the washes. "Summer Conversation" is one of these pieces. There's a lot of interesting textures in the piece to add interest to the painting.
"Summer Conversation" • Original mixed media • 15" x 11"

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