Saturday, November 7, 2015

Snowberries & Maple Leaves

​This time of year is really inspiring! I’ve been really looking at and photographing all the changes that happen in the Fall. I live near a park where snowberries and maples grow in close proximity to eachother. I spent an afternoon just looking, appreciating and photographing and now I’m painting some of what I saw.

I masked out the snowberries and their leaves with white gouache and let that dry. Then I spread acrylic inks over the piece, spritzed with water mixed with ox gall, pressed leaves down, covered with saran wrap, then wax paper, then books. I let everything dry for a couple of hours and then removed the saran wrap and leaves and let dry some more. After it was completely dry, I washed off the gouache. I painted the snowberries and leaves with watercolor, used acrylic inks for the background and finished with a mix of watercolor and acrylic ink. It's amazing what kind of world can be created in a 7" x 5" space. Hope that you enjoy!
"Snowberries & Maple Leaves" • Original mixed watermedia on Arches 140# cold press paper
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