Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Tiger Lily Banquet

I purchased a new paint brush and I've really been enjoying using it! It's a 1/2" flat brush that holds its shape with acrylic paint and has been a joy to paint with. As a counter to the fast drying time of acrylic, I'm also experimenting with acrylic retarder to slow the drying time a bit and keep everything more workable.

I really enjoyed creating the color variations in this piece. I thought that the purple really set everything off when I applied it. There's some iridescent paint in the undercoating for this piece as well as in some of the tiger lily spots. It really sparkles when you look at it. Hope that you enjoy this piece.
"Tiger Lily Banquet" • Original acrylic • 8" x 8" on 3/4" wrap around canvas, painting continues on sides
 To learn more about this piece, click HERE

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