Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Meadowlark & Rosehips

Since my first ever photographs of meadowlarks, I've been really enjoying painting these colorful birds and giving them different habitats. This piece started out as a LOT of watercolor and acrylic ink on Arches 140# cold press paper. I added leaves and saran wrap for texture and left it to dry. There's also a lot of iridescent ink in this piece. When I removed all of the texture and looked at the paint, it was REALLY COOL! However, what to do with it??? Since I already had a yellow place, I decided that was the perfect place for a meadowlark! I added the rosehips because I think that they are really neat looking in the winter and they are also a reminder that in May there will be roses there!!!!!
Meadowlark & Rosehips • Original mixed watermedia • 22"  30"

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