Saturday, January 20, 2018

Spring in the Wisteria

This is a painting the I've been working on in bits for the past week. I started by squirting paint directly from the tube onto the paper. Using a spritzer and brush I moved the paint around on the paper. Paint straight out of the tube is very vibrant and strong and mixed really beautifully. When I thought I had interesting colors and shapes I let the piece dry. Next I defined the flower shapes and painted in the bird. My last step was brushwork with tinted gouache which is opaque and covers the watercolor. This piece has a lot of sparkle!
"Spring in the Wisteria" • Original watercolor and gouache on 100% cotton paper • 11" x 15"
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Waterlily Workshop with Melissa Gannon

Today we painted waterlilies in acrylic. The emphasis was to use design and interesting colors. We worked from a photo of a single waterlily. We all really enjoyed the process. The paintings completed in this workshop are below. Thanks to all for allowing me to post your beautiful work!

Monday, January 15, 2018

Dancing Roses

I used a photo for this that I took last year. I was really trying to use impressionistic brushwork to suggest but not totally spell everything out. I also was trying for a lot of variety in the pinks and greens. I started this piece before Christmas and just finished!
"Dancing Roses" • Original acrylic on 3/4" wrap around stretched canvas • 5" x 7" • ready to hang
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Saturday, January 13, 2018

Magic in Purples & Greens

I've been painting wisteria lately. I have some lovely Daniel Smith purples and a new green and I wanted to use them all in a painting. This is at least my 5th or 6th wisteria painting and I'm working on another that's even larger.

This painting was created intuitively by squeezing color on the paper and washing it down in very loose washes. This is the fun part with no pressure, just lots of color! When the painting dries then comes the design. Where should the flowers be? Where should the leaves be? Is everything interesting? Does it work? This part of the painting process takes thought and confidence. The last step of this piece was the addition of tinted white gouache for the lovely sun sparkles. I'm very pleased with the result!

This piece is painted on a 1/2 sheet of Shizen paper that I tore instead of cut, so that the edge blends in with the other deckle edges. Since the paper is handmade it's not perfectly straight but it works well with a mat. The paper is rough press and the texture really adds to the piece.

"Magic in Purples & Greens" • Original watercolor and gouache on 100% cotton paper • 15" x 22"
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Thursday, January 4, 2018

Anticipating Spring in January

"Anticipating Spring in January" • Original watercolor and gouache on 100% cotton paper • 11" x 15"
I wanted to paint with purples and greens and wisteria is perfect for those colors! I started with a really loose wash, used saran wrap for texture and let everything dry. I added the darker shapes, lifted a bit for more lights and the last step was tinted gouache to create holes in the leaf patterns and lighten the bottom.

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Thursday, December 21, 2017

Mysteries in the Woods

I've been looking at the leaves that are still on the trees and they sparkle against dark backgrounds. I've been trying to figure out how to pull this off in a painting in a loose fashion. It seems like it should be easy but it's definitely not! This piece is my impression of what these leaves look like.

I masked whites with white gouache and floated acrylic inks over that. When it dried I washed off the gouache and went back into the piece with watercolor and more acrylic ink and even some Pearl Ex powders! I added the whites with a wooden nib. I was exploring making marks with instruments other than paint brushes. A lot of the dark marks are make with the wooden nib as well. I like the variety that the marks add to this piece. There's also a lot of iridescent paint in this piece.

I put this piece up in my living room when I thought that I was finished and decided that I really like it. It's more impressionistic that I've been working lately but it's really interesting to look at!
"Mysteries in the Woods" • Original mixed watermedia on 100% cotton paper • 15" x 11.5"
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Monday, December 18, 2017

Full of Life, Full of Dreams

I love working with acrylic inks, letting them flow and seeing the results. That's how this piece began. After the ink dried, I added watercolor and then more ink. There's a lot of iridescence in this piece in the water and the lower left especially.
The woods seem a little magical to me this time of year. Although mostly dormant the promise of spring is there—a good time for dreaming.
"Full of Life, Full of Dreams" • Original mixed watermedia on 100% cotton paper • 15" x 11"
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