Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Roses and More Roses!!!!!

These paintings are a step into intuitive painting for me. I begin with the color areas for the flowers aiming to create an impression of that flower. I love roses and I can get a perfect image with a camera. In my painting, I'm looking for an impression; trying to show the joy and the complexity of this beautiful flower. After I develop the flowers, I begin to add the leaves and other greenery and marks to support the beauty of the flowers and add to the energy of the piece. I'm very happy with these pieces and so thankful to be able to create and share my artwork.
"Roses Three" • Original watercolor on hot press 100% cotton paper • 14" x 11"
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"Rose Dreams" • Original watercolor on 100% cotton paper • 11" x 15"
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Monday, January 13, 2020

Roses Singing

I've been working on lots of roses lately. Such cheerful, lively colors to offset the wintry outdoors. This is a watercolor. My goals for watercolor roses are to keep them fairly loose, suggest more than define and keep the colors bright and fresh. (and enjoy the process!) I love this piece and feel that I met my goals.
It's painting on 100% cotton archival paper and each edge has its' own deckle. The paper is a rough press paper which has lots of texture. It's also a very soft paper.
The photo shows the edges.
"Roses Singing" • Original watercolor on 100% cotton, handmade paper • 8" x 8"
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Monday, November 25, 2019

Cardinal & Pinecones

We've all been working on experimenting in class. I arranged the last 2 classes to play with paint and walnut ink and see what happens. It's fun to play and just think about nice colors and textures. Cardinals & Pinecones started out like that. I was originally thinking forest but then I thought of adding the cardinals and pinecones over the original texture. There are several layers which add depth to the colors. The pinecones look really great over the turquoise paint. I used gouache and white acrylic ink for the added white areas.
"Cardinals & Pinecones" • Original mixed watermedia on 100% rag paper • 11" x 15" • SOLD

Friday, November 22, 2019

Woodland Fantasy

Trees—one of my favorite subjects to paint! Because...they're individual, flexible, and have personality. To me, trees are very much like people and I think of them that way as I'm painting them.
Color—complicated, luminescent, always changing. In this piece I layered watercolor, acrylic ink and gouache and just a little brusho. This Shizen handmade paper is very soft and soaks up the paints which makes it ideal to use acrylic inks as the color is a bit stronger. When I accomplish the layering as I want, the color has more depth and interest. Because this is handmade paper, each edge has a deckle.
"Woodland Fantasy" • Original mixed watermedia on handmade 100% rag paper • 9" x 12"
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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

New Pieces!

New Pieces!!!!!!!!
This sunflower piece is is painted with very saturated colors! It's a combination of acrylic inks, gesso and watercolor. I enjoy sharing the joy of these flowers with you!
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"Sun in Flowers" • Original mixed watermedia on 100% cotton paper • 11" x 15"
This piece has a little different color combination. I loved adding the leaves to this scene. There's a little iridescent piant here and there.
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"Kingfisher in the Autumn • Original mixed watermedia on 100% cotton paper • 11" x 15"

Sunday, September 22, 2019

MIxed Watermedia Sunflower Paintings

My mixed media sunflower workshop was September 12 which arrived faster than I thought it would. I figured that I should have something to show for this workshop and the morning of the workshop I  finished "Petals & Leaves." The tricky think about beginning with an ink wash is trying to bring out the surprise image of the piece without obliterating the ink wash! It's kind of like - I do one thing and that leads to another thing and another until the piece resolves. It's hard to make those first brush strokes!!!!! I loved the movement of this piece and the surprise purples!
"Sunflower Talk' was from the demo that I did at the workshop. The inks looked great but I just couldn't see an image. I nearly gave up on ever creating something from this ink wash. But little by little it came together and has the freshness from the original ink wash. I'm always amazed by how these pieces turn out!
Someone asked why I would ever want to begin with acrylic ink. It's very brilliant and the colors are strong. When I go over the dried ink with watercolor, the ink stays put and if I change my mind about the watercolor I can usually scrub it off because it's on top of acrylic ink. I think the layering of acrylic ink, watercolor and acrylic ink is very special and looks different than just watercolor. Essentially the ink is opaque and the watercolor is transparent. Layering opaque and transparent paints can make for interesting effects. I also like that when finishing the piece I can use tinted white ink to cover areas or add sparkle.
"Petals & Leaves" • original mixed watermedia on 100% cotton paper
"Sunflower Talk" • Original mixed watermedia on 100% cotton paper
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Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Beach Bird Exercises

I've been trying quick paintings in my sketch book with limited colors and a big brush. It's been really fun and is a good warm up for my painting session. Below are 2 of these exercises in acrylic. My other rule for these is to draw them free hand as I'm painting them.